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December 19, 2013
Mature Content


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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
High School of the Web
Chapter I
Shizuka Marikawa

It was another hot day, and of course it was a Monday.  Meaning a lot of students would be coming in sick, injured or just trying to get out of class.  Unfortunately for Shizuka Marikawa, the school temporary nurse, she was working on this day.  The day was naturally a sunny day, barely in clouds in the sky.  The air felt clean to breathe and it seemed oddly silent, no birds chirping out the window or bugs cricking away.  It was getting close to summer break and Ms. Marikawa was getting pretty excited.  Working mostly the first half of the week as the other temporary nurse worked the second half.

Ms. Shizuka Marikawa was wearing her favorite cloths.  Naturally Prada, she wore a very tight black pencil skirt that hugged to her buttocks nice and firmly causing it to almost show off her panties underneath.  Continuing down her legs she had dark silk stockings causing her legs to shine lightly all the way to her black heels.  What she wore as a shirt was a white button up long sleeve shirt with a red thread tied off around the neck.

Ms. Marikawa was in the back supply room looking for bandages.  The other temporary nurse tends to move things around when Shizuka was not working.  Every time she went to go get the bandages they were never in the location she had last placed them.  Finger pressed against her cheek her eyes scanned along the shelves trying to figure out what had happen to the missing cloth.

The bandages were for a young senior cheerleader.  While in physical fitness class she seemed to have sprained her ankle.  Her name was Aya.  She was a young tall blond hair brown eyed female.  Some of the children would say she was Shizuka sister.  Aya adored Shizuka and had a tendency of dressing like her, or at times acting like her.  But the young girl was currently in a standard western cheerleader uniform with a top that left her belly button open and a skirt.  Her hair currently tied back in a pony tail.

Her dark brown eyes finish their scan, and fortunately landing upon the bandages.  She stopped tilting her head to the side and put on a big smile of accomplishment and grabbed them with her gloved hands.  Giving off a lightly giggle before turning around upon her heels to the door to the main examination room.  Her smile never slipped away from her gentle skin, and the sun light slipping through the window caused her hair to give a golden glow.   Her hand reached pressing upon the door handle and letting the weight of the door press against her gentle arms as she open.

“Alright Aya I have found…”  Her soft angelic voice trailed off as she stepped into the examination room.  Shizuka head fell to the side slowly as her eyes gave a confused look with in them.  The natural blond was slipping out of her without her even noticing.  Where she had left Aya was upon the examination bed.  The white sheet draped over the bed and a medical light that sat just over head.  The young girl was laying upon it, on knee up as she was soaking up the sun light slipping through the windows.  Maybe even an occasional wind would sneak a feel across her skin from the open window.  But that is not what was there now.

It looked like she was laying there, her knees slightly bent up as her head pressed against the head rest of the bed.  Her arms seemed to have been pressed against her side.  It was clearly Aya as she could see the colors of her uniform threw the white sheet.  It was like the girl had wrapped herself in the white sheet.  What a confusing thing, was it a prank?  There was word of a new bondage act or role playing passing through the school.  Was she practicing? That’s not something such a young girl should be doing during school hours.  It would seem the girl lightly shifted causing the sheet to stretch a bit with her movement and pulls, and muffled moans slipped out.  Her legs where pressed tightly together, as the sheet hugged her curves of her body.  She did a very good job at wrapping herself up for just doing it by her.

“Now Aya, This is no time for games.”  Ms. Markawa stated walking across the room to the girl.  Her heels clicked against the hard surface as she made her way across the oddly silent room.  She had not notice how quite it really was.  Even with the window open and the light breeze slipping in.  Slithering against the tile floor and wrapping around her ankles moving up her smooth silk legs.   Just as she stopped at the edge of the bed, the gentle breeze that slipped along her legs like a soft touch of a snake, gave her a chill.

“Mmmm…”  A moan slipped from the head portion of the wrapped up sheets.  Now being closer to her, Ms. Markawa could see the details of the sheet.  And it looked more different than the normal sheets they used to drape the beds.  This one seemed almost shimmering like diamonds.  The sheet seemed a bit wet.  It also seemed like it was her skin almost pressed against her skin perfectly, even the outline of her skirt, top and socks where there against the skin.  Her eyes visibly closed as well as her pink lips that where almost whiten down by the sheets.  She was indeed moving in it, the sheet stretching out a little bit but snapping back into place.  Her arms and legs lightly moving as her knees gently shifted up and stretched back out.  Her moans slipped free once more, was she pleasuring herself?  Ms. Markawa just couldn’t find the edge of the sheet; it must have been under her body.

“Aya, this is not the place for you to be pleasuring yourself.  You shouldn’t be doing this at school anyways!”  Ms. Markawa reached out with her hand to pull at the sheet to remove it.  It looked odd but it was just a sheet all the same.  Her gloved hands touched the girl’s hip.  She gently pushed on them pushing on the girl who went into a bit more of a wiggle and struggle.  More moans escaped her hooded head, passing through the soft fabric of silk.  Ms. Markawa pulled her hand away, but what she wasn’t expecting was her glove to stay attached to the very silk that was upon the girl.  Pulling off her fingers and snapping back against the girl Ms. Markawa was a bit surprised.

“Oh my…”  Ms. Markawa stated as she looked at it.  Aya struggles did not end.  She stood there staring at her out of confusion.  The sounds coming from the girl where no longer sounding like moans of pleasure but moans of panic.  Had she made a mistake? What could of did this to her.  But the answer all came to clear as she shifted to a sound of a tray being knocked over on the other side of the room.  Her brown hues focused upon the predator that was now climbing up through the far window.  

Eight long slender legs pulling a large body up and into the window.  Its body shimmered like the latex of her gloves, ebony in color and its eight unique eyes focused upon her.  She almost felt like she couldn’t pull her eyes away.  It was as if time slowed down, she could feel her breath pushing from her lung, against the rushed and hard pounding of her heart against her over size breast.  The eyes where drawing her in… pulling her closer to it.  Ensnaring her in webbing… she could see it all happening.  The silk sheet pulling out of the spider and hugging her tighter then even her own skirt was doing.  Her body struggled against the sticky fabric.  Then the breath of air slipped from her lips and she realized the spider eyes where getting to her so she quickly closed them turning on her heels and running for the door.

A deathly crash shattered the silence of the room, filling it with muffled moans mixed with scratching of metal and what sounded like the creatures legs.  Running in her pencil skirt proved extremely difficult.  She thought the spider was for sure going to catch her as she reached out grabbing hold of the door handle.  Her heart hammered against her chest moving on pure instinct.  Pushing down on the handle and soon feeling the cool air of the hallway as she pushed threw.  The door behind her slamming as the creature crashed against the door.  She was holding her breath, not even knowing it as she fell down to her knees holding the door handle tightly head against door confused a bit.  The scratching of the door continued for a little bit before stopping.

She stood up in most disbelief that it did not happen.  Her body turned as she got back up onto her feet.  Her dark brown hues now looked down a long, deserted hallway.  Taking on last deep breath she stepped forward.  There had to be another teacher around that could explain what she saw.  The only sound she could hear was here own heels. She made sure to check the windows before passing them to insure they were closed.  As she walked a bit she came to a class.  The door was closed.  There was no sound of teaching come forth, or teens freaking out.  Taking a deep breath her shacking hand reaches out grabbing the door as she slid it open.

What she saw was not what she was hoping for.  There were cocoons everywhere.  Her guess was it happened quickly, multiple spiders as the windows where open or smashed.  All the students’ cocoons hung from the ceiling over the chairs.  Most likely webbed there and hung to collect later.  As for the teacher He was wrapped up and sheeted to the board at the front of the desk.  He was closer to the door. Most likely he had attempted to escape but had not gotten far.  To Shizuka it was all strange and unreal.  The whole class room was a forest of white sacks just waiting for the ripe and time to be collected.

There was a loud scream from down the hall.  Shizuka turned instantly and started to head for it.  The first sound of a person sense the event picked up.  When she got to the corner of the hall she turned and stopped immidiatly.  From what she saw there was a girl stuck in a large web.  The web streatching from one side of the hall to the other, and from the ceiling down to the floor.  Nearly impossible to see if the lighting was not just at the right angle for Shizuka.  The girl struggled and pulled at the threads of silk.  The smaller threads snapped loose and sling shot back and wrapped around her limbs and body.  Entangling herself more.

“Stop moving honey!” Shizuka said as she ran up to try and help the girl.  She looked around at the webbing. There was so much of it around the girl.  Shizuka was on the wrong side of the web to even try to help.  If she reached out her own arms would be entangled in the mess or even worse.  Maybe she would struggle so bad she end up pulling Shizuka’s whole body into the webbing.  “I’m going to have to go find something to get you out of this ok!?”

“No please don’t leave me!”  The girl plead tears where rolling across her gentle skin, to only get soaked by the very fabric that held her.  But Shizuka knew she had no choice but to get something to cut her out.  Lucky for her the Biology lab was just down the hall.  Turning around the sounds of her heels slowly echoed into the hall, vanishing from the girl’s ears as she weeping and struggled.  Unknown of the shadow slowly looming over her.

Shizuka ran for a little while tell there was a loud crack and she fell onto her buttocks.  Rubbing her head she looked down at her Prada heels seeing that one had snapped.  Tears slowly welled up in her eyes as she took them off, holding them in her hands.  “No! Not my Prada! I loved these Heels!”  She pouted for a little while before hearing a noise from behind her.  Her head slowly turned.  The white of her eyes not as big as she looked.  Her hues catching eight eyes that was right behind her.  Her heels tightly in her hands she quickly screamed throwing them back at the spider before crawling into a nearby open office.  Her heart was screaming.  Her mind was lost.  The only thing moving her was the attempt of freedom.

When she got into the office she turned around to slam the door shut.  But as she spun around on her stocking feet, all she saw was the under belly of a leaping predator.  Her back and head bounced on the table as she lost her breath for a second.  Lying completely on the long table her feet started kicking her hands slamming and pushing against the under belly of the beast that had its legs wrapped around her whole body.  She felt her shirt being torn from her struggles and at that second she was worried about her cloths being all sticky and messy.  Her foot ended up kicking the door as it closed.  Sealing them together in the office.

It felt like she was struggling for hours under the spider.  Everything seemed to move so slow to her.  Its legs moved out from under her only two stayed.  Two of them picked her legs up as the two that held her quickly pushed at her arms tell they were at her side.  She looked down her body as her breast pressed up against the belly of the creature.   It felt oddly strange now that her shirt was tattered and on the desk.  Her light purple bra rubbed the smooth surface of the creature.  She felt a wetness seep into her stocking toes as she wiggled it around she realized what it was when the spinneret pulled away.  She could feel its start to move one of its legs on hers and the wetness started to lay over her toes and feet.  Both of them as she tried splitting her feet away she realized what was happening.  She was being cocooned.

As her feet where sealed together in a second stocking of silk that hugged her feet together the spider had let got of her legs and used both of them to speed up the wrapping.  The silk sheet slurping as it was being pulled from its source and stretched out like saran wrap to only be tightly placed against her legs and calves.  It felt like hours… but in moments it was already up to her skirt.  Her mind trailed to her thoughts about what she was doing this morning preying it was just a dream.  Her throat felt rash from her screams as she felt the silk passing up over her tight skirt, making it tighter.  Her finger and hands soon where caught under its silk sheet.  Once that was there, the spider rotated her.  The spin was causing her over sized breast to bounce around and into each other.  She closed her eyes tightly knowing her body was spooling the very tight fabric against her belly and back, and soon even her chest was unable to move around freely without the promising of the tight silk binding fabric.

The silk was over her shoulders.  She looked down, at the silk and time seemed to flow slower than ever.  She knew it most likely was the last time she would see her body.  The silk hugged her curves perfectly.  The outline of her skirt was there, even her bra.  There was small indent where the belly button was.  Her toes stretched out the almost see threw silk before they were brought back.  Even her arms where trying to resist. The silk passed over her lips.  Tears formed up in her eyes as she took one last look at the spider.  And all she saw in those spiders’ eyes earlier had come true, with one last sheet of silk sealing her blond hair into its messy silk.

Outside the door to the office laid two pair of black heels.  One was broken but the peace was not that far from it.  Muffled moans and bumps could be heard through the door as the window showed a shadow figure of a spider laying a women shape down upon the desk.  The shadow arched its back and lifted its knees and legs kicking and thrashing the best it could but the spider did not seem to mine it.  Moans echoed loudly, echoing down the halls as the shadow of the female was left to the will of the spider.
Chapter I
Shizuka Marikawa

Here is a start of a new story line that i been working on, i been sitting on it wondering what to do at the end of the story.  Let me know what you guys think of it and i'll most likely be editing and working on the second one between my work hours, family time and school work.  I really hope it meets to everyone standards of my work, i been trying to out do my other work with each story i release.
jjavangard Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a very good read. I look forward to the next chapter!
CyberWolf626 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Its good to see a new story from you, mate! I love the cocooning scene and I love the amount of details you put into the characters and their actions!
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW man!  This is one of your best stories so far.  I really love how you built up the world of silk.  The descriptions of cocoons was very well done and how you took time to add a bit of character development.  The cocooning scene was detailed and personally I can't wait to read the rest! 
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